Services we offer

Ground Works

With over 30 years of experience in Construction Industry focusing on civil engineering ground works including earthworks, infrastructure for the housing market, standard and complex drainage installation, roadwork’s and landscaping, Clyde Coast continuously strive to achieve programme dates within budget.

Housing Developments

Clyde Coast has also completed various housing projects of their own, as well as completing over 500 housing projects for main contractors.  Two projects which Clyde Coast have recently completed are Kirkland Park Court and Kirkland Close in Darvel.


Soil  movement  including  excavating / filling and the disposal  of surplus materials from site. Earth retention in retaining walls, banking bunds, reshaping ground.


Concrete and reinforcement to ground beams, isolated and raft foundations, beds, slabs, walls including filling and grouting to hollow walls, stanchion bases, holes and mortices.

Sewer Works

Main and distribution line sewers for small and large diameter UPVC or concrete pipes including all pipe bedding, haunchings, surrounds, trench fill and reinstatements. Building and land drainage, Attenuation systems, Interceptors, Drainage Channels, Manholes, Hydrobrakes and live connections for both storm and foul water.

Utility Services

Excavating trenches for Gas, Water, Electricity, Street Lighting and Telecom including the laying of ducting as required for both main and distribution line services in advance of the final connections by the individual utility company.

Roadworks / Paving

Construction of roads, paving and driveways adopted/non adopted in new or existing locations including kerbs, edgings, slabs, permeable/impermeable paviours. Surfacing and resurfacing as required.


Concrete/ brick/ gabion retaining walls.

Plot Works

Site clearance and preparation, shallow and deep excavations to reduced levels, basements and trenches, earthwork support,  compacting, trimming and preparing subsoil surfaces